Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery


The department of plastic and reconstructive surgery at Capitol Hospital is best equipped to reconstruct and restore the damaged tissues of your body. The damage can be caused by different types of reasons like an accident, some inherited abnormality, a consequence of some disease like diabetes, cancer etc. These reconstruction procedures aim at restoring the body part involved to normal.

Plastic Surgery deals with the repairing, reconstructing and modification of the human body. Reconstructive surgery is a part of Plastic Surgery and it includes various subtypes.

Some of them are mentioned below:

Craniofacial Surgery

This surgery deals with the birth defects and deformities of face, neck, jaw etc. This surgery concerns with bone, skin, nerves, teeth, muscle and related anatomy. Craniosynostosis, the facial cleft is the type of defects that are dealt by the craniofacial surgeons.

Hand Surgery( Chiroplasty)

Hand surgery is a general term for treatments concerning upper extremity/upper limb. Chiroplasty is the plastic surgery of hands. Many congenital effects can lead to a hand surgery.


This is a type of surgery in which, an operating microscope is a prerequisite. One of the application includes allowing anastomosis of smaller blood vessels and nerves which are negligible in size and can be seen only with a microscope. This has been used to transfer tissue from one part of the body to another and reconstruct severed body parts.