Department of General Medicine

Department of General Medicine

The Department of General Medicine is the backbone of CAPITOL. It provides therapeutic and preventive care as well as lifestyle-modification counselling. Medical specialists make a proper diagnosis of each patient before treating diseases like diabetes, hypertension, bronchial asthma, hepatitis, allergy, infections, malaria, dengue, typhoid and influenza, besides many more. This is a proud department who has very efficiently and effectively managed the COVID 19 pandemic managing huge number of patients from not only Jalandhar but also from adjacent states including Delhi. Capitol has an established dedicated COVID 19 ward and ICU.

Pulmonary Medicine services are provided both for OPD cases and inpatients for various respiratory diseases such as COPD, Asthma, pleural diseases, interstitial lung disease, Lung cancer and other heterogeneous conditions leading to respiratory failure. In Interventional pulmonology, bronchoscopy with biopsy and therapeutic bronchoscopy is carried out. Diagnosis and treatment of various sleep related disorders are undertaken.


Frequently Asked Questions

What services does the Department of Medicine and Allied Services offer?

This department provides comprehensive care across general internal medicine and specialized services for a range of conditions including infectious diseases, respiratory disorders, and chronic illnesses.

How can I get an appointment at Capitol Hospital?

Appointments can be booked by contacting +918427584275 or via email at You can also make an appointment through the hospital’s website.

Do you provide care for chronic diseases?

Yes, the department specializes in the effective management and treatment of chronic diseases. It provides individualized care plans and continuous support to help manage conditions like autoimmune disorders, diabetes, hypertension, and respiratory diseases.

How does the department ensure that patients with various medical conditions receive thorough care?

Capitol Hospital's Department of Medicine and Allied Services is set up to offer integrated care using a multidisciplinary team approach. Our coordinated care strategy, which involves experts from different fields working together to create a comprehensive treatment plan, is beneficial for patients with multiple health issues.