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Welcome to Capitol Hospital

Capitol Hospital is a NABH & NABL accredited hospital located in the heartland of Punjab. It was envisioned by Dr. CS Pruthi, a renowned Cardiologist who has been practicing since 1983 in the region. Founded in 2014, Capitol is one of the largest private hospitals in Doaba region of Punjab, with 300 beds and over a dozen specialty centers. It not only aims to become the Best Multi-Super Speciality Hospital but also the Best Cancer Hospital of Punjab.

Being the dream venture of visionary medico, Dr. Pruthi, it aims to offer state-of-the-art diagnostic, therapeutic and intensive care facilities in a one-stop medical centre. To deliver quality healthcare remains the aim of Capitol which we keep striving for. Hospital’s dedicated medical team comprising physicians, super specialists and other para-medics help us to work towards sustaining the aim of Best Hospital of Punjab.

We are sensitive towards the medical needs of NRI’s – Non-Resident Indians who look towards their land for an honest and efficient healthcare treatment. We cater to their healthcare requirements right from their tickets till their post operative care, for they leave their loved ones in the hands they trust. Spread over 5.25 acres of land with world class infrastructure, Capitol has half a dozen OT’s with seven Intensive Care Units, each having nearly dozen beds.

Welcome to Capitol Hospital

Another feather in Capitol’s cap was addition of the Latest Radiotherapy True Beam Technology for Cancer Treatment. It is a symbol of our fighting spirit against cancer in the region, that we are not giving up on our patients and they need not go anywhere far as we have bought to them the most advanced machinery near them. TrueBeam machine is a fully-integrated system for image-guided radiotherapy and radio surgery. It can treat cancer anywhere in the body where radiation treatment is indicated including lung, breast, prostate and head and neck. This was another milestone we achieved in providing quality healthcare to people who rest their trust in us.


It takes twenty years to become an overnight success, Broadway artist Cantor once said. It is true in most of the success stories which set an example for others to follow. Dr. CS Pruthi, a distinguished clinical cardiologist in the region, also one such saga of an overnight success who has lit the midnight lamp to bring par-excellence healthcare to this region in terms of doctors, technology and para-medics.

Dr. Pruthi started his career in 1983. He was driven by the vision to bring world class medical care at affordable rates to the people of Punjab. When he saw people losing their battle to diseases because of inadequate medical facilities, he established BBC Heart Care, a premier heart surgery hospital in town. After the success of BBC, the vision of bringing all the specialties under the same roof was nurtured by him. This took shape in 2014 with the inception of Capitol Hospital where a multi-disciplinary approach along with exceptional care and compassion. And today, Capitol has become an exemplary best multi superspecialty hospital in the region with its continued efforts and dedication.

Daily, we set new goals to achieve for ourselves and will continue to do so to match up to the image we have in people’s hearts. Our most prized reward is the smile we see when our patient walks out in a healthy state of body and mind.


To be the leading and preferred Healthcare provider in the region.


To provide state of the art, compassionate and personalized health care services maintaining the quality and safety at par with the international standards.

Quality Policy

We are committed to render quality services in healthcare by continuously upgrading our process, skills and resources for the safety and satisfaction of the patient.