Top Five Reasons Why People Gain Weight

Top Five Reasons Why People Gain Weight

Are you or someone in your immediate family is overweight? Did both of you can’t stick to your New Year’s weight loss resolution? If your answer to all these questions is a big YES, then here are some of the common reasons why you might be overweight and why diet and exercise do not work out exactly as you planned.

Too Slow Metabolism

Is slow metabolism really a cause for weight gain? Well, probably not. It is rarely a reason for obesity whereas in the majority of cases we are just eating more than our body needs. Sometimes our unhealthy eating habits such as consuming too many calories or getting too little physical activity are the factors that contribute to weight gain rather than slow metabolism and we start to put more emphasis on weight loss surgery in Jalandhar than lifestyle changes.


Science shows that family genes play a vital role in obesity. It is a critical factor for people that are overweight or at risk of becoming obese. It is also observed that children from the family that follows an unhealthy lifestyle and leads a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to be obese than those who serve healthy foods most of the time and offer treats once in a while.

Excessive Medications

Many times the pharmaceutical drugs we take for high blood pressure or diabetes cause side effects such as weight gain. Antidepressants are also considered as the modest weight gainers over time. Overdose of such drugs not only decrease the willpower and metabolic rate but also increases the appetite which means excessive hunger.

Too Much Stress

Be it stress due to major life shifts such as career change or minor life shifts such as moving home, it leads to emotional eating which ultimately results in weight gain. It’s true that every time when our brain is confronted with a new challenge, it activates the stress hormone and expresses a strong desire to eat which later on results into weight gain.

Eating Too Few Calories.

To lose weight one definitely needs to cut its daily calorie intake but not drastically as it may backfire you. Also, such attempts increase the risks of malnutrition and deprivation of essential nutrients that later on has unfortunate side effects which means you gain more than originally lost.

We hope that you found your reasons for weight gain. If not, then we recommend you to consult a doctor regarding your problem. Doctors at Capitol Hospital are highly-trained in the prevention and management of all grades of obesity. They will also provide you the information related to weight loss surgery in Jalandhar performed on people who have obesity.  So, if diet and exercise haven’t worked for you then schedule a consultation today!