Success Stories


Patient: S. Tara Singh

Unilateral TKR
S. Tara Singh had multiple complaints when he approached us for his right knee treatment. He got our reference from one of our patient Mrs. Amarjit Kaur whose bilateral Total Knee Replacement (TKR) was performed at Capitol a few months ago. Not only he got his right knee fully functional after Unilateral TKR but also his other complaints were taken care of being at multi super speciality hospital. Patient is really happy with the results as he is able to walk on his own within two weeks after the surgery. Blessings of such patients keep us motivated to achieve more and more. more and more.

Patient: Mrs. Varinder Kaur

Diabetes and High BP
Mrs. Varinder Kaur has been obese since her 20s and now has diabetes / high BP for over 10 years. She was not able to walk as she will become breathless within minutes. Also had severe pain in her both knees because of her excess weight. Her liver was severely damaged due to long standing excess fat inside it. After her surgery, she has not only lost over 40 Kgs weight, she has also got rid of her diabetes and high BP. She can walk over 6 Km everyday easily without breathlessness or knee pain. Her loud snoring is also gone. She doesn’t have swelling on her feet anymore. So don’t hesitate, come forward and act, you have only one life, live it fat free……..

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