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The Department of Radiology is a highly specialized, full-service department which strives to meet all patient and clinician needs in diagnostic imaging and image-guided therapies. CAPITOL HOSPITAL is the FIRST Hospital of this region to have a full fledged radiology division in house. The department is to provide the patients expertise and precision in reporting hassle free and without any delays.

Expert, caring imaging is central to diagnosis, treatment and patient care. Our world-class Radiologists provide prompt interpretations and perform life-saving interventional procedures based on years of experience and expertise. Our technologists are dedicated to providing patients with a comfortable, safe and professional imaging exam using the latest imaging technology.

The Department of Radiology provides support to all the departments in the hospital for routine and emergent use of imaging technologies. The highlighting features of our department of radiology include:


For emergency cases and appointments
Rehabilitation programmers are aimed at:
• Rebuilding patient’s skills and confidence in doing everyday activities
• Teaching new skills to help patients manage themselves at home, independently
• Restoring patients’ well-being and health
• The rehabilitation team works with you to ensure that your need for privacy, dignity and confidentiality are met well.

Professional physiotherapists and rehabilitation experts in the department design programmes for speedy recovery, health and wellness to the individuals. We also deal with problems ranging from sports & trauma injuries, arthritis management, posture correction, frozen shoulder management and low back pain to serious neurological injuries such as spinal cord injury or brain injury.

The team is responsible for providing pre-operative and post-operative physiotherapy intervention to out-patient and in-patients. The hospital has a dedicated & comprehensively equipped fitness center available for exercise and rehabilitation.

Capitol’s team is dedicated to help patients to gradually improve by reducing pain, increase flexibility and mobility.

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