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We are all well aware of the grave risk of Cancer which looms over our head. But not one of us has taken steps to educate ourselves of it. The Malwa region of our state – known as the cancer belt – had the highest average of 136 cancer patients per 1 lakh people. The best way to curb cancer is by being aware of it. Even the youth of our region has neglected learning anything useful pertaining to Cancer. The capable team at Capitol Hospital is working on this amazing initiative to make everyone aware about Cancer.

In this initiative, we are covering all colleges, universities and even the industries and conduct seminars about Cancer. In this seminar, you are made aware on what increases your risk of cancer, what are the measures you can take to minimize this risk. The experts of oncologists at Capitol make sure to answer your each and every query up to your satisfaction.

Category C-CAP

Date 23 December 2017

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