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Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities

Patient’s  Rights:

  • Right to information on diagnosis, treatment and medicines.
  • Right to obtain relevant information about the professional involved in patient care.
  • Right to expect that all pertinent communication & records be treated as confidential.
  • Right to consideration of privacy concerning the medical care programme.
  • Right to expect prompt treatment in an emergency.
  • Right to get copies of medical records.
  • Right to know what hospital rules & regulation apply to a patient and facility obtainable to the patient.
  • Right to get details of the bill.
  • Right to seek a second opinion.
  • Right to refuse the treatment.

Patient’s  Responsibilities:

  • To faithfully undergo the agree therapy.
  • To follow the doctor instruction diligently.
  • To follow visiting hours of the hospital.
  • To take necessary preventive measures in case if infectious disease as per doctors instructions .
  • To treat hospital staff & other patients with dignity and respect and not to conduct any activity that will disrupt  the work of hospital.
  • To be punctual to attend the hospital for the treatment at the given time.
  • To preserve & produce all the medical records.
  • To make payment for the treatment, whatever applicable, promptly to the hospital.