Department of Renal Sciences

Department of Renal Sciences


Kidneys play a very vital role in our body as it removes the toxic chemicals from the blood, maintain fluid balance and blood pressure and secrete some extremely important hormones. This is the reason why their proper functioning is very important.

The Department of Renal Sciences at Capitol is a unique resource for those with the diseases of the urinary system, including kidneys, bladder and prostate gland. As the major tertiary care center in this region, our goal is to deliver the highest level patient care, upholding Capitol’s philosophy. We are proud to offer some of the region’s finest experts covering every major urology and nephrology specialty.

The Department of Renal Sciences at Capitol treats diseases related to kidney with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, ensuring a extensive care for kidneys. Our urologists are experts in the treatment of various urological diseases. We deal with patients with acute and chronic kidney failure and haemodialysis .

We provide patient oriented management of cancer and benign urological diseases by incorporating and integrating combined expertise of our physicians. Capitol’s surgeons works as a cohesive team with interdisciplinary interactions between urologists, nephrologists, medical and radiation oncologists to deliver the best possible treatment.


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The division of Nephrology under Department of Renal Sciences offer a comprehensive range of services including:

• Renal Transplantation
• Renal Biopsy
• Hypertension Management
• Dialysis
• Treatment of Nephrotic Syndrome & Glomerulonephritis (Kidney Inflammation)
• Treatment of Tubulointerstitial and Genetic Kidney Diseases
• Evaluation & Treatment of Diabetic Kidney Diseases
• Management of Fluid Electrolyte Disorders
• Hemodialysis – Conventional & High Flux.
• Peritoneal Dialysis – Ambulatory & Automated
• Vascular Access for Haemodialysis
• Temporary Catheter Insertion
• Permanent Catheter Insertion
• AV Fistula , AV Graft Creation
• Evaluation & Treatment of Patients with Blood and/or Protein in Urine
• Thrombolysis & Balloon Angioplasty of Thrombosed Vascular Access
• Angioplasty & Stenting for Central Venous Stenosis
• Management of Metabolic Renal Diseases
• Treatment of Kidney Stones

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