Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care

Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care

At Capitol, we ensure our best to provide a comprehensive range of clinical services, including preoperative anesthesia services, critical care medicine and pain medicine. Our patients receive advanced medical care provided by highly trained and skilled physicians. Our philosophy from day one has always been to work with a multidisciplinary team approach.

The department of anesthesiology is the premier department in the region for the practice of general and regional anesthesia. The foundation of this department is the clinical skill of our anesthesiologists. We have a dedicated round the clock team of anesthetists who are assisted by  pre-operative checkups and post-operative pain management team and a critical care team.

Anesthesia overview:

  • General anesthesia involves drugs which induce a deep sleepRegional anesthesia (epidural/spinal) involves injecting drugs around the spine to numb the legs and abdomen
  • Local anesthesia involves injecting drugs into the skin to numb a small area.
  • Sedation involves drugs that produce sleepiness or a light sleep but stop short of general anesthesia.

Additional information for patients

Among the specialized services provided by the department are:

  • Administration of anesthesia in all subspecialties
  • Critical care
  • Coordination of comprehensive pain management services
  • Diagnosis of acute and chronic pain syndromes
  • Injections and nerve blocks
  • Intra-operative trans-esophageal echocardiography
  • Management of acute and chronic pain
  • Medical management of painful conditions
  • Nursing and case management
  • Obstetrical analgesia and anesthesia
  • Pre-operative medical evaluations
  • Pre-operative pain management
  • Spinal-cord stimulation
  • Spinal-infusion systems
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